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The de Facto S5 Financial Suite comprises the Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers modules, with the Banking module providing an extremely flexible set of accounts software. These are fully integrated into the Logistics Suite and Production and Costing modules. Like all de Facto S5 modules, the Financial Suite provides built in Customer and Supplier Relationship Management (CRM) features.

All the modules of the Financial Suite inherit such key facilities as multi company consolidation, multi currency and proper Open Period Accounting. The suite also benefits from all of the System-wide features (accessed from the menu on the left), such as easy data importing and e-mail integration.

Key Benefits - Fast and easy access to financial information is crucial to the success of any business. The changes taking place in the business world make this ever more critical, and de Facto S5 Financial Suite provides the tools to give you the information you need efficiently, and accurately.

Change is a constant in today’s business world. de Facto S5’s flexible design enables you to set up and modify the system as and when you need. It allows you to automate a whole slew of tasks, and gives you the power to define the level of control your users need.

As trade becomes ever more international in scope, de Facto S5 is geared up to enable you to handle all the legal and financial issues involved in multi-currency trading and reporting.

de Facto S5’s powerful tools enable you to spot key indicators and trends in your financial operations that may otherwise pass you by. Armed with that knowledge, you have the information you need to create the business edge you want. The Financial suite enables full drill down capabilities, and filtering results by multiple criteria gives you further abilities to quickly deliver.

True Integration - The truly integrated nature of de Facto S5 is fully reflected within the Financial Suite, where all entries are automatically posted from the other modules, and update the Financials in real-time all the way through to the financial reporting.

A key strength of the system which demonstrates the superior integration, is particularly evident in the way stock, cost of sales, work in progress, on costs etc are handled. This is done via the sophisticated matrix which sits between the other modules and the Financial Suite. This true and complete integration will automatically account for all key prepayments and accruals, including landed, delivered and production costs.

Information Rules - As well as providing full transaction integration for postings, full drill down and around facilities ensure that every account balance can be exploded and immediately tracked directly back to source documentation. Conversely any source transaction can quickly be expanded to show the postings created from it.

The essence of a strong accounting system is information availability. de Facto S5 provides this via its comprehensive range of standard reports, each of which provides the ability for the user to customise the report search, sort and formatting criteria.

The standard reports are supplemented by our unique easy to use Vistas, which allow ad-hoc reports to be quickly built and reused throughout all of the modules. Where more sophisticated reporting is required, a variety of software can be used, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Financial Suite Overview:

"Financial Suite Overview" is part of the de Facto S5 line of products, developed by De Facto Software.