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Mission and Company History

Service is the key to system performance. Access to knowledgeable, competent, and responsive people can mean a system is earning you money or it isn’t. They maintain service experts to provide 7 day a week, 24-hour response. Regular, in-depth training is required to keep skill levels at their peak. Their team has a unique blend of industry experience, business management skills, and hands-on technical expertise to bring you a single source solution. Because their company was founded on service, we quickly learned the value of a complete parts inventory. Immediate repairs and/or “loaner” parts will keep your business running.

They always strive to give same day on-site service. Because of the changing needs of today’s business operators, DCR offers support and service options such as on-site, hardware/depot maintenance, and software support to meet your needs.As one the South’s leading Value-Added-Resellers, their user list continues to grow with some of the largest businesses in the region. We are capable of serving the small business operators as well as large chain-store operations. By constantly researching new products, our product line remains powerful. Providing quality, serviceable products that will meet the demands of your business is our goal.We back our sales with complete training, custom installations, and follow-up support.Your reason for purchasing a system is to control your business and increase profits. You must select a company with the ability to evaluate your needs and develop a system to meet those needs. With the proper hardware and software tailored to your operation, you will be in control. Their “systems configuration” team is available to perform training, installation, and support.

Today’s systems perform more functions than we could have imagined a few years ago. The information provided by a system can be overwhelming unless professional trainers are available to advise you on the most effective ways to use a system. Software upgrades are necessary to keep your investment working at its peak and protect it from new threats. Dialup and IP based communications allows us to support your system from our office. This provides immediate response to your needs and eliminates travel-related expenses. With offices based in Nashville and Memphis, they cover a large area, which includes middle and west Tennessee, central Kentucky, northern Alabama, southeast Arkansas, and northern Mississippi. While concentrating on businesses headquartered locally, we have built teams capable of serving large corporate accounts with nation-wide installations.

How Their Business Started

They’ve come a long way since Charlie Blackwell founded a small cash register company in 1961. In those days, only mechanical cash registers were available. Charlie knew that first rate customer service was the key to his success. With that attitude, Data Cash Register grew to 10 employees.During the 70’s the electronic cash register became the equipment of choice for business operators. By investing in new technology and quality personnel, Data Cash Register became one of the largest independent cash register companies in the South.

By the 80’s they were proficient at installing communicating point-of-sale (POS) systems for larger customers while continuing installations of stand-alone registers for smaller customers. They employed over 20 people during that period and expanded their office space to 10,000 square feet. When an opportunity emerged in Memphis to acquire another office, they chose to expand our proven strategies into a larger territory. Their growth allowed us to deliver the quality service that customers came to expect.

The 90’s introduced open architecture POS systems. DCR invested in product-training programs to educate their personnel on the new systems that some customers chose to control their operations. They continued to put forth effort and interest in the traditional POS systems that some segments of our market required.Today, hardware and software customization and integration have become high priorities. The speed of change seen in current products requires constant updates to the systems, components, and services that they offer.During all of this growth and new technology, DCR never lost sight of what Charlie knew in 1961.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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