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Work orders may be created automatically by the maintenance scheduler using time intervals or meters. Work requests are elevated to full work order status by the maintenance manager. This eliminates extra work. Work orders may contain unlimited file attachments that print automatically with the work order. These can be any file type. Work order templates are copies of existing work orders that may be used to create new work orders. These new work orders are identical to the template and even include any file attachments and a parts list. Work order templates may be manually triggered to create a new work order or better yet link them to schedules or meters. Examples of schedules could be: Every Monday at 8:00 AM, Every 7 Days, On the 10th of Every Month and so on.

There are several shortcuts and options under the Options menu such as: default settings to create a work order with pre-populated fields, duplicate work order and linking preventive maintenance tasks into a work order.

Meters may be defined by the maintenance management team and can be anything you need. Examples might be: 100 Cycles, 3 Days, 2000 Cuts. These metered work orders may be manually updated or automatically read data from any OPC compliant data network source on the plant floor. MaintSmart CMMS software can actually be set-up so that the equipment tells you when it needs work and responds by creating then printing a new work order.

More work order information:

Work Order Duplication - One mouse-click to duplicate an existing work order.

Work Order Details - Add up to 2 GB of detail text to a work order. Use drag and drop to copy in OEM manual data. Details are saved for reuse so they make excellent SOPs.

Work Order Templates - Work order templates are boiler plate copies of existing work orders that may be used to create new work orders.

Automated Work Order - Create new work orders from a meter or a user-defined schedule.

Work Order from Equipment History - Create a work order with one mouse-click from the equipment tree view.

Work Order from Equipment Down Time - Automatically create a new work order to respond to an equipment failure instance.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Order:

"Work Order" is part of the MaintSmart CMMS line of products, developed by DCE Software Solutions.