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This Purchase Order Software and Inventory Tracking tool is simple to use and benefit from and with the proper use of passwords and permissions nearly all users can use this system at some level. For example some maintenance technicians may only have permissions to requisition spare parts whereas others, such as the maintenance manager, could possibly approved high cost line items on a requisition. Setting can also be made to require multiple electronic signatures for line item approval of purchase. Once spares have been approved for purchase another user (purchasing agent) may create a purchase order for the items.

This CMMS software system also provides for inventory and purchasing from acquisition to usage of spares on equipment for work orders, preventive maintenance, down time or other reasons. Request for Quote (RFQ) is also included so that an RFQ may be created and then emailed to the vendor. Once quoted prices are entered into the CMMS system the RFQ can be converted to a Purchase Requisition with one button click. Report and analyze spare parts usage for all equipment maintenance and quickly report on the costs associated with equipment ownership.

Parts linking work orders or preventive maintenance task lists automatically use parts when the PM or work order is created or closed. Perform an with the assistance from the Physical Inventory audit screen . You may also Barcode your spares for reliable and quick check out from the parts bin.

Inventory and purchasing analysis components provide extensive analysis data with reports and charts. Spare parts may also be displayed in a tree view. This tree view provides a simple way for the user to drag and drop parts to create a purchase requisition.

More Purchase Order information:

Purchase Order Formats - Multiple purchase order formats to choose from.

Purchasing Reports - Many purchase order reports available. Reports by account, cost center date period, vendor and more.

Duplicate Purchase Orders - Duplicate common or reoccurring purchase orders then tweek as needed by removing or adding spares items if needed.

Reports for Received Spares on Purchase Order - Create a part location report, a parts received by report and generate barcode for the received parts all with one button click each.

Invoice Tracking - Enter and track open and closed invoices.

Inventory Requisitions - Create spare parts requisitions several different ways: from a RFQ, from the Inventory Tree, from the Hot Sheet or requisition screen.

Compare to ERP - With this CMMS Software system you can cancel your costly ERP subscription and rely completely on MaintSmart for a fraction of the cost.

More inventory tracking information:

Multiple Search Methods - Search up to nine fields simultaneously. Column search any data grid by typing into the column header. Create your own custom purchase order or inventory tracking screen filters then save them as a menu item.

Inventory May be Viewed in Different Way - Display inventory from tree view, hot sheet or main inventory screen.

Inventory and Purchasing Reports - many reports available. Export any data directly to Excel too if needed.

Search Inventory - Multiple ways to to search and filer inventory to find the spare part you need quickly.

Link Spares to Preventive Maintenance Tasks or a Work Order - Not only are the needed parts linked but this CMMS software automatically withdraws the part from inventory and automatically adjusts the quantity. This also works in the reverse if you need to return a spare part to inventory.

Spares Usage History - Determine cost of preventive maintenance, work order and down time spares use. Summarize and chart results or export to the OLAP component for further analysis.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order and Inventory Tracking:

"Purchase Order and Inventory Tracking" is part of the MaintSmart CMMS line of products, developed by DCE Software Solutions.