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With MaintSmart CMMS software you may use the powerful maintenance management system to manage all preventive maintenance. This screen provides a preventive maintenance software system that handle simple calendar-based PMs. This simple to use yet powerful preventitive maintenance system may automatically schedule PMs using multiple filters then print and/or email the schedule of preventive maintenance tasks to one or more recipients or printers. This system is set up once and then uses a floating date range to issue the correct PM task list without any effort by the maintenance manager. PMs may be closed by the maintenance technician and permissions and passwords ensure that the maintenance technician only access his own PM task list.

The equipment tree view provides a way to drag and drop preventive maintenance tasks onto machinery. Preventive maintenance labor and spares costs may be quickly and accurately reported on.

More preventive maintenance information:

Preventive Maintenance tasks self-replicate - Create PMs once then simply close them when completed. The CMMS takes care of archiving them and resetting the next assigned date and due date .

Preventive Maintenance Details - Add up to 2 GB of detail text to each PM task. Copy in OEM manual data by dragging into PM Details screen. Details are saved for reuse so they make excellent safety instructions or SOPs.

Issue PM Task Lists - Use the print scheduler to automatically issue the correct PM task list to the correct maintenance technician by printer or email..

Link Preventive Maintenance Tasks to a Work Order - Create new work orders from a preventive maintenance task lists. PMs are embedded into the work order details. When the work order is closed all linked PMs are also closed.

Preventive Maintenance History - Determine cost of preventive maintenance. Summarize and chart results with no effort.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Preventive Maintenance:

"Preventive Maintenance" is part of the MaintSmart CMMS line of products, developed by DCE Software Solutions.