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Meet eForms, dbtech’s form-generation platform. With eForms you can easily gather information from any relevant data source and automatically generate pre-populated, bar-coded documents.


Use eForms to eliminate the need for pre-printed forms and the stacks of paper on which they are printed. With eForms, you can even create bar-coded forms. And, when used alongside Ras, eForms allows you to store all actionable data in one patient folder.

With hospitals using anywhere from 2,000-3,000 forms each day, staff must order pre-printed forms and keep a large quantity in stock – creating additional costs for both the forms and forms storage. This means 30% of hospital staff time is spent processing forms manually in hospitals without electronic forms.

Interactive eForms and signature capture can help you eliminate manual inefficiencies in areas including patient registration, clinical areas, finance, HR and administration.


Automating your forms workflow with eForms helps your organization eliminate many of the errors inherent to manual processes while giving you easy-access to electronic forms, which can be stored digitally in patient-centric folders.

Going digital with eForms also helps your organization to do the following:

  • Automate form completion to greatly reduce time spent by Patient Admissions Departments.
  • Enhance patient safety with consistent, readable clinical forms and the elimination of blue cards and embossing systems.
  • Move towards a “paperless hospital” by automating the forms process.
  • Reduce storage needs by printing forms on-demand.
  • Ensure positive patient ID with automatic bar coding for forms and wristbands.


What’s more, dbtech also offers eForms as a fully-managed solution – so you can choose to take your entire forms library from paper to digital with no capital outlay.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Electronic Forms:

"Electronic Forms" is part of the Ras line of products, developed by dbtech.