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At the core of dbtech’s solution set is Ras. This powerful IT solution manages the flow of actionable information so that it gets to the right people in the right format at just the right time.

Put this essential tool in the hands of your staff to give them access to information on-demand so they can make faster, better and more effective business decisions.


All documentation can be captured by Ras, whether paper-based or electronic, and is secure and available in a central environment with access controlled by user, department or document type.

Ras captures, compresses and archives data from any application into a searchable enterprise-wide repository. Users can automate, manipulate and process information and distribute, view and manipulate reports online. Ras provides formats for automatic data analysis and executive reporting and eliminates the need for a variety of manual tasks, including distribution and cumbersome paper storage. The best part is that employee productivity climbs and so does morale.

In addition to improving process, speed and efficiency Ras also virtually eliminates paper. That translates to lower costs and a significant step toward operating a “green” organization.

With the flexibility of Ras, organizational workflow processes are streamlined and the paper cycle more efficiently managed. It is designed to address the critical function of Revenue Cycle Management which spans everything from patient registration to remittance. Ras automatically transforms data into actionable information and helps manage financial and operational reporting by capturing data from any application in a searchable database with no required interfaces. How does it do this?

By leveraging standard print stream technology to pull the data. Once in the system, the ‘magic’ begins. The simplicity of this approach is ingenious and the value of aggregating information for optimized processes and better decisions goes straight to the bottom line.

With Ras, you have at your fingertips the ability to easily unify, search and gain value from documents stored across any and all disparate sources.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Management:

"Document Management" is part of the Ras line of products, developed by dbtech.