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A developer of business management software.

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In the coming years, your organization will face new regulations, technologies, trends and practices. But, as the world of healthcare changes, you can count on dbtech to continue developing powerful, agile solutions while adhering to the core values our customers have come to trust:


We’ve made a name for ourselves through simplicity, honesty and accountability. From a 30-day implementation and flexible platforms to our excellent support team and a customer portal complete with support forums and online training, we are committed to making your job easier, so you can focus what’s important.


Owned & managed by healthcare and tech industry veterans with over two decades of experience working in IT solutions and innovative software development, dbtech provides you with unequalled insight into intelligent business processes, workflow automation and revenue cycle tools.

Our solutions are always designed to minimize complexity while relying on minimal internal IT resources and maximizing ROI. We understand your world. Our solutions are proven, and our team is chock-full of experts from your industry who constantly ask themselves, “How do we make this smarter?”.


The hallmark of dbtech’s growth has been our ability to adapt to changing technologies, environments and needs. Our solutions have been engineered in a modern, modular fashion to accommodate point solutions, yet scale seamlessly to a comprehensive, organization-wide deployment.

Our team makes it a point that dbtech solutions are interoperable with current or legacy hardware and software – without the need for interfaces – so that your investments in existing systems are protected while your system continues to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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  • Ras

    A web-based accounting software system designed by dbtech for health care & social services companies.

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