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Service and maintenance of internal and customer assets is accomplished via the following system functions.

The Service & Maintenance module is used to manage the service and maintenance of assets such as machines, tools, facilities, vehicles, etc. Assets can be internal assets or assets you maintain and service on behalf of customers. The Service & Maintenance module consists of the following elements:

  • Assets: A variety of information can be entered against each Asset, including the customer to whom it belongs (if applicable), its acquisition date and value, serial number, and more, including unlimited user-defined fields (referred to as ‘Service Characteristics’).
  • Service Events: Service events are planned maintenance events that eventually can be converted into service jobs. Future service events can be scheduled based on frequency of usage (such as mileage or hits on a machine) or can be scheduled by date.
  • Service Events Generation: This function translates scheduled service events into suggested service jobs.
  • Suggested Service Jobs: This screen provides a list of suggested service jobs and enables you to convert list items into actual service jobs or generate reminder letters or e-mails to customers.
  • Service Jobs: Service jobs are special job type optimized for service-related jobs and are linked to service events and automatically get logged into each asset’s service history.
  • Knowledge Base: This provides you a means to store and retrieve questions and answers to common service questions. You can index each entry with a searchable Type, Category, and Description.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service Management:

"Service Management" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.