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Sales management is accomplished via the following system functions.

Customers interact with sales orders, jobs, and accounts receivable.


  • 50-character Customer Name also serves as ID code
  • Trading Name is the name that prints on documents such as quotes, order acknowledgements, packing slips, and invoices
  • Unlimited delivery addresses
  • Optional Billing Name if invoices are to be handled by a central office
  • Customer payment terms table includes days due, % discount, discount days, and whether aging days due is from the invoice date or end of the month
  • Sales tax options include USA or GST style taxation, non-taxable, or an advanced tax code matrix
  • Optional customer statements
  • User-defined customer types, contact types, sales regions, and lead sources
  • Unlimited contacts, including a primary contact person
  • E-mailing documents option
  • Broadcast e-mail from List screen to groups of selected customers
  • Unlimited notes
  • Credit limit, warning message, and credit hold status
  • PO required option
  • Foreign currency designation
  • Service contracts listing
  • Up to six user-defined fields can be added to the customer table in date, text, or pre-defined selection formats
  • Consignment stock tracking
  • Linked documents can be attached that transfer to jobs or sales orders
  • Activity notes integration
  • Customer aging inquiry
  • Customer labels can be printed from the List screen for selected groups of customers
  • Customer Inquiry screen displays open quotes, make to-order jobs, sales orders, and activity notes
  • Customers can be assigned to a single or group of salespersons
  • Customer item ID’s and descriptions can be cross-referenced with stock items

Sales Module

The Sales module consists of the following elements:

  • Sales Orders: Customer orders are entered as sales orders and can be shipped from stock or converted to Make Jobs for made-to-order products.
  • Sales Quotes: Sales quotes enable you to quote prices to customers and, should the customer confirm the order, converts the sales quote to a sales order.
  • Pricing & Discount Tables: Product prices and customer discount tables interact with sales orders and include Base Prices, Price Levels, Discounts, and Contract Prices.
  • Sales Commissions: Sales commissions can be generated from invoices and can be mapped by percentage or formulas.

Activity Notes

Activity notes provide a contact manager type capability whereby you can record contact events and schedule follow-up events. Unlike contact managers, which are usually confined to customers and prospects, you can use activity notes with suppliers and to record events associated with sales orders, jobs, purchase orders, stock items, and descriptors.


  • Integration with jobs, customers, suppliers, stock items, descriptors, and employees
  • Can be used to delegate tasks to other personnel
  • User defined note types and analysis codes
  • Unlimited history text
  • Automatic expiration of open notes at specified number of days

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Management:

"Sales Management" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.