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The Manufacturing Ledger is a sub-ledger to your general ledger

The Manufacturing Ledger interacts with approximately 15 of your GL accounts and conforms to your accounting system’s financial periods. All manufacturing system financial transactions accumulate in the Manufacturing Ledger, which is used as a sub-ledger to your outside general ledger.

All transaction detail is stored in the Manufacturing Ledger, which provides an audit trail with batch control, a journal report, transaction listing, and inquiries. Summarized batch totals are transferred at period end to your general ledger by batch journal entry or data export. Each batch journal entry typically consists of 15 debit/credit transactions.

Your accounting software will continue handling all financial activities performed outside the DBA base system, including accounts payable, banking, payroll, fixed assets, and general ledger.

The Manufacturing Ledger provides WIP-based manufacturing accounting

The Manufacturing Ledger provides WIP-based manufacturing accounting that properly absorbs the costs of labor, material, subcontract services, and overhead into the cost of the items you make. Expenses only occur when items are sold, in the form of cost of goods sold. This process aligns your income with expenses and gives you an accurate profit picture that helps you make better business decisions.

Manufacturing Ledger Features

  • Enables you to continue using your existing accounting system until manufacturing is fully up and running
  • Enables you to implement the system in a 2-step process rather than all at once
  • Ideal for departmental solutions that must provide information to another accounting system
  • Provides a sub-ledger to any outside general ledger
  • Stores all accounting transactional detail generated by the manufacturing system
  • Requires the setup of only 15 GL accounts
  • Provides true WIP-based accounting that absorbs the cost of manufacturing into your inventory and realizes expenses when goods are sold
  • Summarized GL account totals can be exported or manually posted to your general ledger (approximately 15 journal entries)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing Ledger:

"Manufacturing Ledger" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.