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The Inventory module is where you set up your stock items and includes the ability to enter inventory adjustments and conduct physical inventories (stock takes).

Inventory also includes user-defined ‘item characteristics’ that can be used to track variations within available stock for characteristics such as lot and serial numbers, multiple dimensions and packing units, expiration dates, grades and conditions, and more.

Stock locations can be set up to represent warehouses, service trucks, or areas within the factory or warehouse. If you want to restrict a location to certain classes of stock, you can do so. Stock can be transferred individually or in sets from one location to another.

Inventory templates enable you set up stocking levels for various sets of inventory items. Each location can be assigned an inventory template and can have its stock replenished via a location transfer. Not only is this handy for replenishing warehouses, but it’s useful for maintaining parts inventories on service trucks.

Inventory also includes a complete consignment tracking system. A stock location can be designated for company stock, customer stock, or supplier stock. You can also track items you lend to customers or borrow from suppliers, such as shipping pallets or perhaps special gauges or tools that are lent to you.


  • User-defined transaction types, stock locations, and stock classes
  • On-hand quantity and cost adjustments
  • Stock Counts screen provides for counting selected sets of items
  • Stock Count Sheet lists the stock items selected for counting and provides a worksheet for recording the stock count quantities
  • Default stock locations are assigned at the stock item level for issues and receipts.
  • Stock items can be transferred from one stock location to another via the Stock Transfer screen
  • Inventory templates set stocking levels within stock locations
  • Location Stock Transfer screen automatically replenishes inventory at stock locations using inventory template stocking levels
  • Allowable stock classes can be defined at the stock location level for purposes such as guarding against hazardous materials being stored in improper locations
  • Stock locations can be designated for company stock, customer stock, or supplier stock and can be used for consignment or loan stock tracking

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.