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Bills of material are used to define the manufacturing specifications for your products or those you make on behalf of others. Any product that will be made more than once, that contains subassemblies, or that has the potential of being stocked in inventory, should be defined with a bill of material.

The Following are the major elements that comprise the bill of materials

  • Methods You can optionally set up multiple ‘methods’ for each product. Each method can represent a different revision or batch size, each with its own specifications. At time of job creation, you can select your method of choice.
  • Stock Item Components Each method can include a list of the stock item materials and subassemblies that comprise the product. From/thru effective date ranges are available to control when components become active or inactive. Components can optionally be assigned to approved manufacturers and can be given any number of reference fields to represent drawing references or component locations.
  • Descriptor Components Each method can include a list of the ‘descriptors’ (non-stock items) that comprise the product, which are used to represent the labor, setup, and subcontract services that go into the product.
  • Routings Components can optionally be assigned to ‘seq-stages’, which are the sequential ‘routing’ operations that comprise the manufacturing process. Routing sequences can furthermore be broken down into specific ‘tasks’. Unlimited notes can be attached to routing sequences and tasks for printing on the job traveler.
  • Work Centers Routing sequences are assigned to ‘work centers’. A work center defines the area of the shop or unique machine where the production takes place and can also be used to represent outside work centers for subcontract services such as plating, painting, heat-treating, etc.
  • Machines Each routing sequence can also be assigned to a particular ‘machine’ within the work center. Interchangeable machines can be pre-assigned to routing sequences or assigned at job time based on machine availability.
  • Outputs ‘Outputs’ are the finished products that result from the manufacturing process. Multiple outputs are supported, which enable you to produce bi-products or co-products from a single BOM.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Materials:

"Bill of Materials" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.