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The Bank Reconciliation module is where you set up and reconcile your bank accounts and consists of the following elements.

Bank Accounts You can set up an unlimited number of bank accounts with user-defined cashbook types. Against each account you can define the next check number (if applicable), the check print format, and GL account code.

Bank Reconciliation Reconciliation with bank statements includes the ability to enter miscellaneous income and expenses on the fly.

Account Transfer Using the Account Transfer screen, you can transfer funds from one bank account to another.

Cashflow Inquiry The Cashflow Inquiry is a powerful tool that helps you estimate future cashflow based on existing income (receivables) and expenses (payables) combined with budgeted income and expenses. You can also manipulate factors for past due collections and payments as well as expected deviations from income and expense due dates.

Bank Balance Inquiries The Total Balance Inquiry gives you a graphical representation of the estimated bank balance, which includes all non-cleared items as well as any miscellaneous expenses or income entered during bank reconciliation. The Bank Balances Inquiry lists the same information broken out by bank account.

Income Due by Period Inquiry This inquiry gives you a projection of incoming cash based on open customer invoice amounts and payment due dates.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bank Reconciliation:

"Bank Reconciliation" is part of the DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation line of products, developed by DBA Software.