Is dbTrigger Load N' Go Triggers right for your business?

dbTrigger Load N' Go Triggers is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a dbTrigger Load N' Go Triggers demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare dbTrigger Load N' Go Triggers with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

How can dbTrigger™ benefit your business running the Great Plains ERP application? Here are just a few examples.


  • Automatically communicate budget variances as they occur to department heads
  • Identify customers at or approaching their credit limit
  • Receive notification of new purchases that need to be capitalized
  • Monitor capital expenditures as they approach budget cap
  • Remind payables clerk of recurring invoice due dates
  • Automatically receive daily/weekly recap of past due accounts
  • Get daily cash position notification
  • Send follow-up reminders.

Sales and Customer Service

  • Automatic confirmations to customers as orders are placed;
  • Advise customers of expiring quotations, contracts, and price specials
  • Receive notification when customer is on/off credit hold
  • Inform territory reps of customer order bookings
  • Be alerted to incoming backordered items
  • Alert customers to product shipments
  • Advise customers of price changes
  • Alert customers to new products
  • Remind reps of follow-up dates
  • Monitor sales rep sales activity
  • Be advised of customer returns and credits
  • Trigger emails to customers on special days (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
  • Automatically send monthly “thank-you” emails to customers based upon purchasing level
  • Trigger daily, weekly, and monthly sales and commission recaps to reps and management.


  • Receive notification of daily product receipts
  • Be alerted to product returns;
  • Warn suppliers of minimum or out of stock conditions
  • Receive notification of past due items
  • Receive reminders of expiring quotations, contracts, and price specials.


  • Receive daily notification of expected receipts
  • Automatically inform others when back-ordered items have arrived
  • Be notified of purchase order changes and cancellations

Inventory Management

  • Alert suppliers to minimum or out of stock conditions
  • Receive notification when item quantities go negative
  • Receive cycle count date reminders
  • Be alerted to incoming back-ordered items
  • Be advised of perished and expired stock
  • Monitor empty bin locations available for use.


  • Receive notification of order changes and cancellations
  • Automatically inform management of production variances
  • Be alerted to incoming back-ordered materials
  • Receive alerts of material shortages
  • Be notified of labor/shift shortages
  • Be alerted to approaching order due dates
  • Receive reminders of scheduled machine maintenance dates
  • Be advised of new or changed bill of materials or routing instructions
  • Alert management to scrap overages.


  • Be alerted to incoming back-ordered items
  • Receive notification of order changes and cancellations
  • Notified when customer credit is on or off credit hold
  • Alert customer to shipment with tracking information


  • Report daily order bookings
  • Receive daily production recap
  • Be advised when labor shortages occur
  • Be alerted to order changes and cancellations
  • Receive notification of orders below standard margin
  • Be alerted to production delays
  • Receive reported budget variances.

Human Resources

  • Email employee review reminders to supervisors
  • Trigger periodic questionnaire/evaluations
  • Remind employees of upcoming holidays and events
  • Notify employee vacation and sick day usage
  • Trigger emails to employees on special days (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

Sample Load N’ Go Triggers can be found on our support board, or you can tailor your own Triggers using our built-in Trigger design Wizard!, or work with our Partners to design Triggers for you!!!

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