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DB Trigger LLC

A developer of business management software.

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dbTrigger™ provides companies with real time email alerts from existing business systems; keeping them abreast of events, as they occur, anytime, anywhere.

dbTrigger™ serves as a foundation for changing the workflow of an organization and facilitate supply chain communication with its business partners. As long as a remote or internal database is SQL & ODBC compliant, dbTrigger helps users make quicker, more informed business decisions.

The dbTrigger™ family of products provides Businesses of all sizes the flexibility to schedule, tailor, and alert customers, vendors, and associates to business critical events. Since dbTrigger™ pushes data to any device that can receive text messaging, email recipients are freed from monitoring reports or learning complicated applications.

With the release of the dbTrigger™ products, dbTrigger LLC brings the power of Real Time Data Mining to the middle market company. The small and midsize business user can easily create email alerts without programming or SQL knowledge. They can breath new life into old applications in less than one day.

dbTrigger™ includes several significant features:

  • A Wide Array of Database Support
  • All ODBC Compliant Databases
  • Microsoft Access®
  • Microsoft SQL®
  • Oracle®

Support for many ERP, CRM, and vertical market solutions, including

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP®
  • Sage Accpac®
  • Sage MAS 90/200®
  • Impact Encore®
  • Ascend®
  • Axapta®
  • ABRA®
  • Act®
  • Goldmine®
  • and many more

dbTrigger™ has the ability to identify Additions and Changes to Data !!! Imagine being able to monitor changes or additions to any field in any database in your system as you the end-user desires!!!

Although dbTrigger™ can monitor new and changed records in your application, it is noninvasive. It uses your existing data source definitions to read your database to maintain its own history of new and changed conditions. This functionality can be used to:

  • Send acknowledgements of new web and internal orders to customers
  • Advertise new products to customers
  • Alert production to new or changes to an order
  • Inform accounting of changes to sensitive data
  • and more.

Unattended Processing at the workstation or server. Behind the scenes, dbTrigger™ has it’s own processor to monitor your triggers; always watching for events, so you don’t have to.

Triggers can be timed as follows:

  • Continuous
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every X number of days

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