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Down To Earth Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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The Down to Earth Software accounting systems, offered by Datavision, are built using the DBL/Synergy application toolkit developed by Synergex. DBL/Synergy toolkit products are used to create open database, web-enabled products that can execute within a variety of operating systems including UNIX, LINUX, HP-UX, VMS, AIX, and Windows/NT. Whether your choice for computer hardware is PC based, UNIX based, IBM RS 6000, or Sun Solaris, our Down to Earth applications perform with exceptional efficiency. You will find our products in use by companies ranging in size from small, single-user PC systems to larger, multi-user public corporations.

Software: Down to Earth offers a complete suite of accounting applications. Source code is provided with the modules that are purchased. Our applications are seamlessly integrated and designed to include all the features needed to make your daily processing as pleasant as possible. You will find an abundance of existing reports that are designed to massage your accounting data into meaningful management information. In addition, you can extract information from our database and create your own reports using ODBC and the PC tools of your choice.

Support: We strive to provide the best service and support possible taking pride in responding to our customer’s needs in the most expedient manner. We offer more than just a hot line for help. Our staff is equipped to connect directly to your system to correct any problems and keep your system running efficiently.

History: Based in the Sacramento metropolitan area since 1978, Datavision is a “full service” organization, selling and supporting complete computer hardware and software systems. Over the years, we developed an expertise in the design, creation, and modification of custom software for those clients with unique and specific requirements not found in standard “off the shelf” applications. As a result, we’ve designed and developed accounting systems for a wide range of industries from commercial construction and wholesale distribution to cemetery plot management. In 1997, Datavision acquired the assets of Down to Earth Software and assumed the responsibility of sales, development, and support for this product worldwide. Besides our headquarters in California, Datavision now includes support and development facilities in New York, Oklahoma, and Washington.

We are committed to continued improvement of our product offerings. It is our goal to provide products and services that are consistent with the current directions of the marketplace and the needs of our customers.

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  • Down To Earth Business Software

    A full ERP system designed by Down To Earth Solutions for distribution/wholesale trade and software development companies.

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