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The Farmer's Office

A full ERP system designed by Datatech for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.
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The Farmer’s Office is the third generation of farm accounting software from Datatech. It combines the ease of use and “look and feel” of a standard Windows based application with the powerful payroll, cost accounting and bookkeeping features you would expect. We complement these features with toll free telephone support and program updates and enhancements, as well as training at our office in Fresno. On site training at your office is also available for an additional charge.

The Farmer’s Office is designed for both large and small farming operations. Whether you’ve outgrown a generic bookkeeping system like QuickBooks, or you need to replace another farm accounting system, or you need to get your bookkeeping computerized for the first time, The Farmer’s Office can do the job!

The Farmer’s Office is a complete bookkeeping system designed to meet the special cost accounting needs of growers. It’s a powerful Windows based application that combines all of these features into an integrated, easy to use system:

  • Ag Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Farm Management Billing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Equipment Costing
  • Crop Budgeting
  • General Ledger
  • Pesticide Application Reporting
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Data Export/Query Tool
  • Magnetic Media Reporting
  • Multi-user Network Access
  • Integration with Data Collection Units

Because it’s a Windows application, it’s easy to use. The Farmer’s Office is a third generation product, so you can be assured that our 25 years of experience in agricultural software have gone into the making of The Farmer’s Office.

Whether you have a large or small farming operation, whether you have vines, trees, row crops, or a combination of these, The Farmer’s Office can handle the most demanding bookkeeping, cost accounting, and payroll requirements you have.

The Farmer’s Office is designed to automate your bookkeeping functions—writing checks for vendors and employees, tracking bills, sorting and storing information for retrieval later, etc. What sets The Farmer’s Office apart from generic bookkeeping programs is that it’s designed specifically for farming operations. That means it includes cost accounting features that allow you to assign income and expenses to specific enterprises or cost centers. If the cost accounting feature is used the program will provide you with reports analyzing income, expenses and profitability that can assist you in making management decisions.

What can The Farmer’s Office do for my farming operation?

  • Saves time wasted doing your payroll and bookkeeping by hand
  • Designed for farm accounting—no workarounds to get cost accounting and ag payroll done the way you need it
  • Help you fine-tune management decisions by providing detailed information on costs, profitability and yields
  • Keep accurate records of profit or loss by commodity, field, ranch, and variety
  • Set up budgets by crop and field and monitor actual expenses vs. budget
  • Prepare accurate reports for your accountant and lenders
  • Help you keep up to date and in compliance with changing payroll regulations
  • Reduce time spent preparing pesticide use reports

To learn more about the modules available in The Farmer’s Office, click on the links below.

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Complete Functionality Module List

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