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If you wish to process foreign currencies in your subscription system, the add-on Multi-Currency module is a must-have. Each time a transaction is posted, the amount is converted to US currency for your posting purposes. To actively monitor the accuracy of your conversion rates, you can print a gain/loss report at any time. This report shows you the amount you received vs the actual US dollar amount; hence telling you if you are gaining or losing money by selling overseas. This module gives you the capabilities to:

  • Assign and unlimited number of currencies
  • Attach currencies to rate codes; giving you the ability to specify the price you are charging in a customer’s native currency
  • View account balances in both US and customer native currencies.
  • Enter exchange rates for each currency as often as desired

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Multi-Currency:

"Multi-Currency" is part of the MultiPub line of products, developed by Datasystem Solutions.