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The MultiPub Inventory module allows for inventory tracking of single-issue products fulfilled through MultiPub. Products, defined by you in the product codes setup, are entered in the Item File. By setting up Master FIles you can manage inventory by: multiple locations, categories, stocking units, synonyms, vendor codes, pricing, or the individual items. This module will store an array of information about each item for you; such information includes: item code, description, generic code, category code, component good, finished good, buy or make, stocking unit, number of pages, etc. This module allows you to easily setup and fulfill backordered items, and invoice for them. After you make a transaction, MultiPub automatically adjusts the physical count of your inventory; if a product is out of stock the system will not allow the order to be entered. You sales or customer service representative staff can easily view inventory levels by selecting the “Product Inquiry” option on the Customer Service module. The following reports are easily generated by MultiPub’s Inventory module:

  • Inventory Turns
  • Net Sales
  • Physical Count Worksheet
  • Recommended Purchases
  • Stock Status

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Module:

"Inventory Module" is part of the MultiPub line of products, developed by Datasystem Solutions.