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MultiPub has the ability to manage all of your CRM needs. Management of CRM is done by making improvements to your processes in the following three areas:

  • Subscriber Information - MultiPub has the ability to construct and manage your subscriber information. To avoid incorrect data entry duplication of customers is verified using the Internet. Additionally, online address correction and standardization correct improperly entered addresses and zip codes. If one of your subscribers changes addresses, MultiPub will retain all old addresses. Each subscriber can have two phone numbers assigned to them. Within MultiPub, customers who allow the sale of their information are flagged. You can also attach source or SIC codes to a customer; and apply tax-exempt status and number.
  • Customer Service - MultiPub allows you to make and record an unlimited number of comments for each customer. Furthermore you can view complete account information, history, and shipping information. If you actively target specific demographics, you can review marketing campaigns on an individual customer basis. Finally, you are able to generate and print: labels for missing products, duplicate invoices, and renewal statements easily and efficiently.
  • Marketing - MultiPub provides a very useful functionality to generate, implement, and execute marketing strategies. With MultiPub you are given the ability to define all promotions; meaning selecting products, prices, premiums, discounts and sales territories included in a promotion. Promotional analysis tools allow you to enter costs for all parts of a marketing campaign (direct, telemarketing, on-line, etc.). Interactive promotional analyses can track responses to said marketing campaigns. Furthermore, MultiPub can report the profit margins on each campaign. Three key marketing reports are available:
    • Renewal Analysis Report
    • Campaign Tracking Report
    • Expired Inventory Report

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Service:

"Customer Service" is part of the MultiPub line of products, developed by Datasystem Solutions.