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The Audit Module is not a part of the MultiPub base system. This module allows you to produce audits if you deal with ABC or BPA audited publications. In the audit module you may define each publication and specify which demographic fields (up to an unlimited number) you wish to collect; and whether information is optional or required. Data collected from the demographics can be reported on the Supplemental Data Audit Forms. If you deal with Unit Audited Publications, you can define your units and their associated demographic data. All audit reports generated in MultiPub can be created with proof pools; which provide detailed information from every cell of every audit report. MultiPub also supports the archiving of your past finalized audits, and allows you to easily construct your own audit archive database.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Audit Module:

"Audit Module" is part of the MultiPub line of products, developed by Datasystem Solutions.