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The DataModes SALES ANALYSIS module extracts sales information from the invoices and organizes the data into a series of management reports. The information retrieval capabilities of this module gives the operator access to valuable information such as sales activity and profitability analyzed in many ways (i.e., by customer, product, or sales representative). Also available is a cost of sales report which lists by product line and part lumber, all sales transactions showing the sales price, the cost, and the net margin in both dollars and percent. A variety of selection criteria enhances the ways in which the data can be analyzed, giving the operator control over records retrieved and report formats. The Sales Analysis module used either Point of Sale invoicing, Sales Order invoicing, or Invoice Processing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Analysis:

"Sales Analysis" is part of the Datamodes TM/4 Solutions line of products, developed by DataModes.