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Datamar Software

A developer of business management software.

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Datamar Systems a part of our family of business solutions and has provided accounting software since 1981. Datamar Systems are Year 2000 ready.

With Datamar Systems, you get features found only in custom accounting packages. For example, the balance sheets and income statements can compare the current year with the two previous years, 3 years on one statement! You can also post to prior months and years, no more overloads at the end of the month or year. Also, you can consolidate information from multiple companies.

Datamar Systems, and Datamar Spanish version are multi-user versions. You can have up to 255 users on a standard local area network. In addition, your security is protected by login/password protection and special functions available only for supervisors. The modules can operate independently or together. That means you can start with one module, then easily add others later.

You get your choice of compiled or dBase source code programs. The compiled version gives you ready-to-use programing. The dBase source code version gives you total flexibility for modifying the software to meet your special needs in easy-to-read code in the DOS platform,and Windows 95-98-NT.

If your company has special requirements, we can make modifications to meet your specific request.

Datamar Systems gives you major accounting capabilities at a price even the smallest business can afford!

Datamar’s modular accounting solutions are Integrated, to give your company a complete management information system. You can enter information a single time only and then generate reports in all of the other accounting modules.

Product Highlights

  • Optional Source Code
  • Compatible with all major XBASE languages including dBASE IV and Foxpro 2.6
  • Modules stand alone or integrate allowing you complete flexibility
  • Wide variety of built-in reports
  • Year 2000 ready
  • Windows 95-98-NT
  • Multi-user / Network code (up to 255 users LAN) offers full password protection

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