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The Datafaction Professional Time and Billing system is a comprehensive program designed to monitor employee time and billing expenses, automate client billing and track the firm’s accounts receivable. The flexibility of this sophisticated system provides outstanding functionality to manage your business today and in the future.

Stand-alone or Integration to the General Ledger

Time and Billing can serve as a stand-alone module, providing you with all of the functions, processes and reports you might expect from a well-designed system. You can streamline your operation further by taking advantage of a very key option: integration of the Time and Billing with Datafaction’s General Ledger. Cash receipts entered into the Time and Billing program are immediately reflected in the General Ledger. An integrated system guarantees that your information will always be accurate and up-to-the-minute, while saving time by eliminating duplicate entries.


Datafaction systems are multi-user, which means that more than one person can be working simultaneously in the same program. In Time and Billing, each employee can enter his/her own timesheet, a simple procedure with the Datafaction system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Professional Time & Billing:

"Professional Time & Billing" is part of the Datafaction line of products, developed by Datafaction.