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The Payroll system provides you with the tools to produce payroll checks in a timely fashion, maintain proper accounting records and satisfy government reporting requirements. Because of the need for accuracy in a payroll system, the Datafaction Payroll module is designed to relieve you of the tedium of data calculation and still enable you to produce an accurate payroll on time.

The Payroll system is designed with flexibility in mind and may be configured with ease to operate in a multi-company, multi-user environment. You have complete flexibility to treat each payroll client differently by maintaining separate definitions, customizing the payroll codes, choosing the method of accounting and the integration to associated modules.

The Payroll System will help you to:

  • Produce employee checks in a accurate and timely fashion
  • Provide correct accounting information so you may accurately reflect labor costs in your General Ledger and/or Job Costing system
  • Reduce the expense of producing the various reports required by government agencies