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POSitively Business

Point of Sale for Business! Accounting Software

The first point of sale system written for cashiers and customers. Easy to read visual displays provide instant feedback. Completely customizable receipts, light pole display, and hundreds of setup options let you control the way you do business. Ships with all source code and great documentation.

The system works in conjunction with Business! Professional Edition and Business! Standard Edition, our fully customizable business accounting software for Microsoft Access. Inventory, General Ledger, Invoicing, Banking and Accounts Receivable functions integrate with the POS system.

Major Features

  • Integrates with standard POS hardware
  • Mouseless interface uses bar code scanner and keyboard with optional credit card reader
  • Define up to 24 function key tasks
  • Complete administration system for reconciliation, security, register, reporting and setup options
  • Accepts unlimited payments of cash, check, credit card and house charges
  • Handles stock overrides and serialized items
  • Complete control of overpayment and change
  • Control cash drawer opening on tender process
  • User definable receipt format without programming
  • Verify and edit starting cash, display cash sales, count ending cash
  • Integrated cash counter to count cash, checks, coupons
  • Print bar codes for item labels, price labels, serial numbers, price sheets
  • Sales Analyzer lets you run a variety of customizable reports
  • Post all sales and payment transactions directly to General Ledger
  • Can be customized to integrate with other Access-based systems
  • Setup form controls many options including processing, cash drawer, light pole, receipt printer, function fields cashiers/registers, reconciliation and security

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with POSitively Business Point of Sale Software:

  • Barcoding Warehouse Module

"POSitively Business Point of Sale Software" is part of the Business! Professional Edition Accounting Software line of products, developed by Database Creations.

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