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System Overview

The Infinity POWER Time Sheet Entry program is designed to integrate with the Payroll module to provide the ability to enter employee pay data in a format similar to that of a standard time clock. Instead of entering all pay data in a summarized format by project or department (e.g., 12 hours for administrative labor or 5 hours of roofing labor) the system uses actual starting and ending times.

Standard or Military time Format

These time periods may be entered in either standard time formats or as military time. Once entered, the Time Sheet Entry module automatically calculates the actual time allocations and is then ready to post the accumulated totals directly to the Payroll module. The Payroll module itself then summarizes all of the Time Sheet entry data to calculate the employee’s actual pay amount.

Time Clock Interface

A key feature built in to the Time Sheet Entry program is the “import“ capability. Because it is designed to enter pay data in a time clock format, with various starting and ending time periods by employee, it is ideal for use with most time clocks. In today’s market, most electronic time clocks will provide an ASCII output of the information stored in them. This information can then be organized to import directly into the Time Sheet Entry module for further update to Payroll and/or the Job Cost Main Module.

Update Job Cost Directly

When integrated with the Job Cost Main Module, Time Sheet Entry provides the ability to update projects or jobs directly at any time with various Payroll labor costs without having to make a full Payroll run. Special options allow these Payroll costs to be allocated to a wide range of projects and update Payroll only when the next pay cycle is ready for processing.

This provides on-line cost updating to projects without requiring changes to normal payroll processing. This is veryu seful for those firms who have to generate invoices for customers on demand in the middle of a pay cycle.

Product Features

  • Allows unlimited number of time clock entries.
  • Allows ”import“ of pay data in a Time Clock format with various starting and ending times by employee. Interfaces with a wide range of Time Clocks that provide an ASCII output file.
  • Prints Certified Payroll Report for Job Cost oriented projects.