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The Infinity POWER System Administrator module acts as the “overhead“ module that drives all of the integrated accounting modules. One System Administrator module is required per computer system. Whether you purchase one accounting module such as Payroll or have ten integrated modules, the System Administrator must be installed first. Unlike the other integrated accounting modules that track simultaneous user counts, the System Administrator comes with a 1000 user count automatically. Therefore, no additional user counts are typically required for purchase.

It is this overhead module that encompasses many of the standard ”global“ features that are found throughout all Infinity POWER products. Other features such as the Productivity Tools (Appointment Calendar and Address Book) are also built in as part of the System Administrator module.

The Infinity POWER accounting modules are designed to be an efficient set of accounting and office automation tools. All user screens, reports and options are designed to follow a strict, consistent, format that maximizes your ability to perform within each system.

Product Features Version 5.2

  • EFT capabilities for Check Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale & Sales Order.
  • One step upgrades for up to 15 years of data.
  • Individual User Counts implemented on a ”module by module“ basis and by ”operating system platform“ basis. A single module such as General Ledger could have its four user counts split into 1 user on Windows, 1 user on DOS/LAN, 1 user on SCO UNIX and 1 user on DEC Alpha. Or, all four user counts could be assigned to Windows.
  • Open Architecture Database Engine_ (dBase IV or FoxPro Compatible) across all operating systems including DOS/LAN, Windows 95/98/NT and UNIX._
  • All Data Files Binary File Compatible Across All Supported Operating System Platforms.
  • Client/Server connectivity is available for LAN, Windows and UNIX versions of the Infinity POWER products.
  • DOS/LAN programs include Extended Memory Management Implementation (programs run above DOS 640K Barrier).
  • DPERR.LOG keeps history of all errors that are encountered while running the Infinity POWER products for advanced support.
  • ”Transfer Integration Files“ option under DOS/LAN/UNIX automates transfer of files to and from floppy diskettes.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Technology Implemented in all products on all platforms.
  • Supported UNIX Platforms include SCO UNIX for Intel Based PCs, Digital UNIX for DEC Alpha Server and AIX for IBM RS/6000.
  • All DOS/LAN and Windows versions Support Operation under Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Supports SUN Solaris, SGI IRIX and UNIX Web Servers.
  • User Definable Fields and Indexes available throughout all Infinity POWER modules.
  • The ”Data Pro File Utility“ allows the user to define external data files. The accounting applications will not be able to access these ”user“ files, however the Report Writer, Report Writer Run-Time and the POWERServer modules have access to them. The utility to define user-definable fields can be used to define the fields for these user files.
  • Another ”Data Pro File Utility“ allows for the definition of User Defined Indexes that can also include User Defined Files.
  • Advanced Security Administrator module designed to protect all Infinity POWER modules.
  • Data files can be tracked with unique data file paths on a module by module basis.
  • All Data Files include a Date/Time Stamp.
  • The DOS/LAN/UNIX versions support the ability to define an unlimited number of printers to the system with unique control codes, formatting parameters and operating system commands.
  • Windows *version of *Infinity POWER supports all Windows installed printer devices including FAX programs/cards and E-mail.
  • Font control on printing.
  • Pop Up Calendar (F10) on all date fields allows month at a time viewing and selection.
  • Launch 3rd Party Products from the Windows version Menu.
  • Internationalization features include the ability to Define Date formats, Currency Symbols, formatting for Country Code addresses and comma/period placement.
  • Mouse Drivers built into the DOS/LAN products.
  • All modules allow the override of the current FORM in use at time of printing of forms (e.g., Checks, Invoices, etc.).
  • F10 key on all inquiry screens to allow for a selection window for additional inquiry information_ (e.g., Aging Summary in Customer Inquiry)._
  • A Scroll Search feature is available when using the option to Create or Change a Company.
  • ”Notes“ *may be added to allMaster Records in all accounting modules. When the user is in the Inquiry, Add, Change, Delete or Copy options, a ”Notes“* feature is accessible (CTRL N) *which allows *”notes“ to be attached to the selected record. The user may add new and review existing notes.
  • All Address lines in the Company File include four lines with thirty (30) characters per line.
  • Country Files available with up to 4 characters for Currency Symbol.
  • Currency conversion file allows importing of factors.