Is Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software right for your business?

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System Overview

The Infinity POWER Customer Service Management module was initially written for Data Pro Accounting Software’s internal support department. Targeted to address Data Pro’s internal management needs to be able to track and bill customers for support calls made each day, this program allows a wide range of firms to perform the same kind of call center tracking in their own particular industry. Whether it is for just warranty tracking calls or actual management of calls and problems tracked for billing purposes, the system is flexible enough to handle both types of issues.

Product Features

  • Able to Track and Bill Support Calls made each day
  • Define Typesof Call Activities
  • Define Billing Status
  • Track Employee Productivity
  • View Employee by Dollar Based Billings
  • Assign Ticklers (Reminder System)to a specific support representative to handle
  • Able to Track and Bill Support Calls made each day
  • Direct Integration with Accounts Receivable module
  • Immediate and Real Time Access of the latest customer information
  • Billing Function Linked to Accounts Receivable module
  • Detailed Log of each Call or Event performed by your internal staff
  • Allows for Management of Support Contracts
  • On Demand Detail of each Support Ticket
  • On Demand Listing of all of the Serial Numbers Assigned or tracked to a specific Customer
  • Customer Quick Add Feature allows for immediate creation and modification of customers
  • User-Defined Fields and Indexes