Is Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software right for your business?

Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Report Writer is a powerful utility module designed to provide custom reports. It can access data from all Infinity POWER modules. The Report Writer provides you with the flexibility of manipulating a company’s accounting information to create reports as desired. Best of all, you can print all reports by names which make sense to you!

Product Features

  • 10 Different modules accessed in a single report
  • Same user interface as all other Infinity POWER programs
  • Reports can be Linked or Chained together
  • Formulas can carry forward to another report
  • Password Protection by Report
  • Full Control of Heading Placement
  • Full Control of Line Offsets
  • Specification of Data Formats
  • Setting of Device Defaults (Printers, Screen, Text File, etc.)
  • Extensive Search and Criteria logic on every field
  • User Definable Formulas and Statistical Input
  • Full Text entry into any report
  • User Control of Search and Sort Methods
  • Full Arithmetical operators and Structured Logic functions (If, Then, Else…)
  • *Numeric *Subtotaling