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System Overview

The Infinity POWER Inventory Management module is designed to be one of the most powerful modules offered. Not only is this module designed to track and account for goods used for resale and use in the business but it also includes all capabilities to track and process the manufacturing of items and their possible allocation to various projects or jobs. Materials can be transferred directly to a project for Time and Material based projects.

Product Features

  • 20 Character Part Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Inventory Items
    • Unlimited number of Transactions
  • 1000 Items per Sub-Assembly
  • 8 Costing Methods Supported: LIFO, FIFO, Average Cost, Latest cost, Standard Cost, Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers and Fixed Overhead
  • Supports Bar Code Readers for Data Input and Prints Bar Code Labels
  • Allows Transfer of Materials directly to or from a Project (Job)
  • Allows Manufacturing of Assemblies which may be transferred to a Project
  • Allows Customized Manufactured Items on a Project to be transferred to Inventory as Finished Goods for resale
  • Complete Detailed Analysis of Materials used on each Project
  • Processes Inventory Control of Raw Materials, Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
  • Reduces Component Inventory at time of Manufacture
  • Provides Future Manufacturing Cost Projections
  • Handles the creation of By-Products at the time of Manufacture
  • MRP Calculations based on Current Sales, Order Commitments and Projections
  • Custom Price Plan Options for Contract Pricing
  • Tracks up to 5 Decimal Places by Item for Unit Cost, Unit Price or Quantities
  • Allows Importing of Inventory Items for easy conversion from other systems
  • Allows Importing of Transactions
  • Allows Importing of Pricing Tables
  • Allows Importing of Physical Counts
  • Multi-Location tracking and Reporting on all Reports
  • Allows Quick Price Table Changes for all Items or a Range of Items
  • Pricing Options available by Factors
  • 10 Standard Price Levels with Factors and Quantity Breaks per Item
  • User-Definable Descriptions of Price Levels
  • Tracks 2 Alternate Part Numbers
  • Allows Input of Returns
  • On-Line Add an Inventory Item
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry
  • User-Definable Part Number Lengths and Descriptions
  • Four Lines of Description per Item Number
  • Sorts by Part Number, Description or Bin Number with Multi-Layer Search Capability
  • Tracks Two Vendors and Vendor Part Numbers per Item
  • Material Requirements Planning and Reporting
  • Supports Commitment of Inventory Sold but not Shipped
  • Tracks Unit Weight for Freight calculations in Sales Order Entry
  • Unit of Measure defined by Item
  • Tracks Minimums/Maximums to Stock/Order by Item
  • Update Physical Count allows the user to automatically Receive Overages at Last Cost
  • Unit of Measure Conversion allows for 10 Unique Factor Setups per item
  • Allows for Fractional Unit of Measure factors
  • Lot Number feature allows for Size/Style/Color Tracking on items
  • Screening Out certain Price Levels by item from Inquiries provides protection for sensitive pricing information
  • Inquiry for Serial and Lot Numbers by Item
  • Inquiry for Multi-Location Quantities by Item
  • Specialized Fields for Internet Integration include Item Category, Textfile Imagefile, Videofile and Audiofile
  • Formatted (.JPG OR .BMP) attached to each item for review

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management with Bar Coding & Sales Analysis:

"Inventory Management with Bar Coding & Sales Analysis" is part of the Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software line of products, developed by Data Pro Accounting Software.