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System Overview

A simplified definition of a General Ledger is the accumulation of all financial transactions into one consolidated set of books. These transactions are summarized by account. The Infinity POWER General Ledger system expands upon this simple definition to provide the core of your accounting and financial reporting needs. This module provides you with your primary financial and managerial accounting reports, as well as audit trails in both Journal (transaction date order) and Ledger (account order) format. You can have an unlimited number of Balance Sheet and Income Statement presentations that can each be selected by name.

Product Features

  • 20 Character Account Numbers (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Accounts per Company
  • Unlimited number of Transactions per Company per month
  • Allows Importing of Chart of Accounts from other systems for easy conversion
  • Divisional/Department Reporting
  • 20 User-Definable Transaction Journals
  • Process in Multiple Fiscal Periods at once (Even Across Fiscal Years)
  • Allows Inter-company Journal Entries with Auto-Balancing Feature
  • Merge Multiple Companies’ Data for Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Optional Monthly and Annual Recurring Journal Entries
  • Optional Descriptions for each line of a Journal Entry
  • Automatic Reversing Journal Entries
  • Prints Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Transaction Reports
  • Budgeting by Month with Comparative Financial Reporting
  • Comparative Year-to-Year Financial Reporting
  • Unlimited Financial Statement Formats
  • Ability to define STAT Accounts for percentage calculations on Financials
  • Unlimited number of Accounts per Company
  • Batch Journal Entry allows up to 500 Accounts per Batch
  • 1000 Batches allowed per Company
  • Intelligent screen prompts instruct whether Debits or Credits should be used for Particular Accounts
  • Allows 13 Period Accounting
  • Easy Integration with Third Party Programs
  • Accountant’s Trial Balance
  • Advanced Budgeting includes a variety of ways to calculate Budget Figures
  • Formatting Capabilities in the Financial Statement Set Up options include Rounding of Decimals, Stats, Ratios, and Percentages
  • Decimal Rounding feature used with various presentations of Financial Statements
  • Import/Export of Financial Statement Formats
  • Chaining of Financial Statements for simplified printing of multiple linked reports
  • Archives 26 Budgets per Company, per fiscal year
  • Integration to Check Reconciliation through Batch Entry
  • Recurring Journal Entry capability
  • FUND Accounting feature
  • Import Batch option
  • Import from Best Software’s FAS for Windows
  • Account Masking on Reporting

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger with Advanced Budgeting & Financial Report Writer:

"General Ledger with Advanced Budgeting & Financial Report Writer" is part of the Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software line of products, developed by Data Pro Accounting Software.