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Data Plus Hospitality Solutions

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the hospitality industry.

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Since 1986, Data Plus has been providing accounting solutions to the Hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, time-share operators, resorts, and casinos in over 15 countries have come to depend on our products as reliable and easy to use. The suite of applications known as the Data Plus Hospitality Solutions is completely integrated for maximum efficiency, yet installable as individual modules over time.

We are experienced in tailoring the software to meet the needs of the single site operator as well as the complex operational needs of an international management company. Implementation models are varied and custom designed to meet each organization’s unique requirements whether it be multiple unit consolidation, remote access to centralized accounting, multiple currency calculations, or integration with other vendor solutions.

Because we exclusively focus on the Hospitality industry, we understand the unique accounting requirements of our users in areas such as Daily Reporting, Statistical Analysis, Cash Tips, Multiple Pay Rates, Monthly Allocations, and Liquor Sales. Our knowledge of the industry has allowed us to develop interfaces with other systems used within our customer base and has provided us with the industry contacts which make it easy to quickly develop new interfaces as needed.

Our software design has always been user-driven and is continually evolving to match the needs of our customers to the opportunities and challenges of the ever-changing technology. We take particular pride in our ability to provide software that is rich in functionality, yet easy to learn and use a must in an industry that is known for its high level of personnel turnover.

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