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Data-Pattern Index

A developer of business management software.

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Data-Pattern Index, an Iowa corporation, was created in 2003 to own and market software related to US Patents 5,212,39, 5,390,113, and 6,058,392. Activity was suspended in 2009 after health problems in the families of Wesley C. Sampson, owner, and Dean Z. Douthat, chief developer.

Dr. Sampson has worked with Accounting Systems for 50 years as Professor, consultant, and service bureau manager. He is a CPA and 2nd-generation programmer. His work with Matrix Acounting has led to intact-journal-entry processing. Mr. Douthat, a world-class mathematician, was co-developer of Complex Factored Quaternions, Chief of guidance for an inter-planetary mission, and many other Defense and NASA accomplishments. Lately, he has been a leader in simulation of aircraft and awkward vehicles. His many interests include improvement of a centuries-old accounting process.

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