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TimeClock Plus – Small Business Edition

A multi‑module management system designed by Data Management for startups and small organizations.
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Time and Attendance Solutions for Small Businesses

Uniquely referred to as SBE, its design focus is to help companies control costs in today’s fast paced and competitive business world. An easy to use business tool for even the novice PC operator, employees can clock in or out using an available PC, or when in a multi-user environment, from any authorized PC on the network.

TimeClock Plus SBE automatically calculates employees’ time, both regular and overtime, premium pay, holiday pay, tracks tardies, absenteeism and accruals, provides labor reporting and labor costs forecasting, and more.

Those employees that do not have access to the computer where TimeClock Plus is installed use our real-time, RDT 100 Series employee access terminals for all their clock transactions. A conveniently sized, sturdy online serial or Ethernet device, the RDT 100 is designed to allow employees access to TimeClock Plus, from a source other than a PC, and to allow management to communicate with employees through its messaging capabilities. Badge swipe, external bar code readers, proximity readers and a digital output port (for loud bell alerts, alarms or door access controls) round out the RDT 100’s optional features.

Functionality Modules

TimeClock Plus – RDT 100/200 Series Employee Access Terminals Completely interactive and in true undelayed real-time, the primary functionality of the RDT and 200 Series terminals is to allow employees to communicate interactively with…

RDT 100 Series Employee Access Terminals The RDT 100 Series employee access terminals are uniquely engineered for TimeClock Plus, to operate in real-time, instantly writing critical…

Payroll Interfaces for TimeClock Plus Don’t waste valuable time keying in employee hours! TimeClock Plus takes the next logical step in automating the process of doing payroll by creating a bridge between…

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