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The Job Cost Module is a powerful and inexpensive addition to TimeClock Plus™ which offers a much more detailed means of tracking employee time and attendance. In addition to the tracking features, there are more Cost Code Reports designed to show how much time has been accumulated against a particular job or task.

Management simply keeps a current list of all possible Cost Codes, which is much like the Master Job Code List within TimeClock Manager. These cost codes are globally available to all employees who have been authorized to use them. The employee will clock in as normal at the beginning of each shift, and the system will prompt him/her for the job cost code to which the forthcoming hours should be applied. He or she may key in the code or select it from the list presented.

Example: An auto body shop company’s employee clocks in upon arrival for work under the Job Code # 16 (department) listed as: 16 Winshield Repair. This is the position within the company which this employee holds and all hours worked in this department are accumulated as a Windshield Repairman, no matter the particular auto being worked on.

As the day begins, the employee will select from the available list on the time clock, his first job of the day - Cost Code- 65 Mustang- W7JK11: Body Work: Windshield Repair, which is the Job Cost Code assigned to the 1965 Green Ford Mustang that came in for repair earlier in the week. Two hours later, the employee finishes the Mustang and moves on to the next job assigned by his supervisor, the 1994 Honda Civic, Lic # JP7877, which has also been assigned a Job Cost Code. He will select Change Job Cost Code on the time clock and select the Honda from the list. The windshield repairman never actually clocked out – merely changed the account to which his labor will accumulate until the next Cost Code change.

Throughout the entire shift, the employee follows this procedure starting and finishing individual jobs. Management now has a record of all the accumulated hours this employee spent in Windshield Repair (from the Job Code), and also all hours that were spent on each individual automobile (from the Job Cost Code) worked on during the shift. A report can be generated which will show the total hours spent by each individual employee on each individual job where hours were accumulated. One may also print a report detailing a particular Job Cost Code which will reflect each employee’s accumulated hours against that job.

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