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TimeClock Plus – Professional and Enterprise Editions

A multi‑module management system designed by Data Management.
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Scalable corporate level workforce labor management solutions

Today, the ability to track, view and report employee information in true, undelayed, real-time is what sets TimeClock Plus apart from other time and attendance solutions. Management’s need to make decisions on the fly, where labor costs significantly affect bottom lines, creates unmatched value in our concept. Using the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server®, TimeClock Plus offers the scalability required by today’s growing and expanding companies.

TimeClock Plus allows businesses to monitor, control and report all aspects of employee time and attendance while reducing the cost of overtime, administrative labor and clerical mistakes. All this comes without the cost normally associated with traditional corporate level applications.

TimeClock Plus can deliver payroll data to virtually all payroll packages & services using our Payroll Modules, fulfilling the next logical step in the process of reporting employee hours for payroll. Scheduling, Hour Restrictions, Flexible Accrual Rules, Multi-Company support, and many other tools are supported to meet the needs of today’s business. Comprehensive security protects sensitive employee information from unauthorized access while at the same time, limiting individual supervisors or managers to information for only those employees within their department. For companies that are committed to true automation in employee time tracking, TimeClock Plus is the solution.

Functionality Modules

Payroll Interfaces for TimeClock Plus Don’t waste valuable time keying in employee hours! TimeClock Plus takes the next logical step in automating the process of doing payroll by creating a bridge between…

TimeClock Plus – Job Costing The Job Cost Module is a powerful and inexpensive addition to TimeClock Plus™ which offers a much more detailed means of tracking employee time and attendance. In…

TimeClock Plus – RDT 100/200 Series Access Terminals Completely interactive and in true undelayed real-time, the primary functionality of the RDT 100 and 200 Series terminals is to allow employees to communicate interactively…

TimeClock Plus – Shift Differential Commonly used among health care professionals, the Shift Differential Module allows for shift premiums or rate differentials to be added to employee shifts that are worked.…

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