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What does this module provide?

  • Create unlimited resources
  • Use different working hours by resource
  • Shows gantt, day, week or month views
  • Visually see each process as a “time-block”
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • “Auto-plan” job processes for rough lay-down
  • Print daily, weekly or work-to-list reports
  • Updates in real-time from data-capture points

Now you can plan each stage of the workflow by resource-type individually, see where conflicts might occur, measure where there is capacity available.

Gantt-view (shown above) provides the best way to see time-blocks to-scale against a timeline, thus conflicts and spare capacity is easier to spot.

In Gantt view you can zoom-in or out to change the scale of the timeline from 15 minutes up to several hours.

Day view

Day-view shows planned events for the currently selected date only. It is like the view you would typically see in electronic diaries such as Microsoft Outlook.

In this view resources are across the top of the calendar, and times down the side.

The orders list below is used to select an order, and processes to be planned. These can be dragged onto the schedule into a spare time- slot.

Working-week view

In working-week view (Monday-to-Friday) this is similar to day view, but this time lists a 5-day week for each resource.

This provides more of a “helicopter view” (zoomed out), so that you can see an overview of your capacity and commitments.

Auto-plan feature

The “auto-plan” feature will automatically scan the estimated processes within the order, and using the order delivery date provide a rough “lay-down” of the events to meet this date; taking account of conflicts and working hours as it goes.

The lay-down can then be modified manually by the production planner.

The auto-plan can work forwards (from a commencement date), or backwards (from the latest completion date) depending on the job requirements.

If the auto-plan is unsuccessful or only partially successful a warning is displayed and you have the option to cancel the plan and rollback, or continue part-planned with the operator planning the rest and manipulating the schedule manually.

Resource filtering

Resource filtering is accessed from the side toolbox. This enables you to toggle on/off specific resources that will appear on the schedule. It is useful when you only want to view one or more departments (or resources) and not the whole schedule.

If you have a large number of resources the screen can become crowded, this provides an easy way to focus on just what you need and works best in Day and Working-week views.


The scheduler provides a set of three different report-styles.

These includes a Daily planner (like you would find in Outlook or another PIM).

A weekly planner - which looks very much like the on-screen working-week view.

A Work-to-report - which typically lists by resource and/or operator and list of scheduled events in date/time order.

Resources & sets

You can create an unlimited number of resources for each department.

For each resource you assign the processes that you wish to schedule. Once this is setup Accura will determine which orders require scheduling and which don’t based on the estimated labour tasks.

You can also create “resource sets” - this is where you don;t wish each individual task to be separated by instead want them grouped together as one.

For example: You might create a resource set for a press make ready, print-run, and wash up - so that in the schedule they are represented as one time-block not three.


Each resource is assigned to a default “shift-pattern”, which sets out the working hours for that resource. You can deviate from the shift pattern if you wish at scheduling time.

User-selectable themes

The theme-selector let’s you choose from a range of styles, which then “skins” the scheduler for you to suit your taste.

What are the benefits to my business?

The scheduling module allows more finite planning of the entire job cycle.

  • Enables you to answer (with confidence) the question: “Can I have my job by xxxx?”
  • Maximizes utilisation of resources
  • Gives a visual planning board to replace manual “T-card” systems
  • Shows real-time tracking & delays (updated instantly)
  • Highlights conflicts
  • Improves customer service
  • Works seamlessly with Remote-Data-Capture module.

Scheduling is available as an add-on module, which is then unlocked for all Core module user license holders. It is also available in read-only mode for RDC operators.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Scheduling:

"Scheduling" is part of the Accura Core Module line of products, developed by Data Design Services (DDS).