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The Accura Purchase Ordering module enables you to raise purchase orders for materials, outwork, or sundries, which you can print, fax or email direct to your suppliers.

Accura Purchase Ordering integrates fully with Job Costing to update outwork costs of jobs as orders or invoices are entered, and with Stock Control to record materials as they are received.

Why Bother with Purchase Orders?

Some companies do not raise purchase orders at all - probably because this is tedious to do manually. In these cases you rely on verbal agreement, most of the time this can work fine!

In today’s fast-moving environment with short lead times, ‘just-in-time’ ordering, and profits being squeezed - getting the right goods, delivered on time, at the agreed price is paramount.

Inevitably without a formal purchase ordering system, errors, discrepancies, omissions, damaged goods, or pricing disputes creep in. And it always happens when you need the goods in a hurry for that rush job!

Purchase Invoicing

You can also record your supplier Purchase Invoices against your purchase orders. Any discrepancies will be visually ‘flagged’ so you can spot if you have been overcharged! This information can then be exported to a compatible accounts package such as Sage Line 50 or Pegasus Opera to save data re-entry.

History and Reports

Fully searchable purchase order and invoice histories indicate the status of each order, e.g. Pending, Delivered, Invoiced etc. Purchase order histories can also be viewed directly from Supplier and Order windows. Reporting facilities allow you to analyse purchase orders by job, supplier or status.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order:

"Purchase Order" is part of the Accura Core Module line of products, developed by Data Design Services (DDS).