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The Accura Production module is the basis of the Accura workflow. Once you have created an order, you can generate deliveries, proofs, acknowledgements and invoices from this order, and you can control and monitor the order at each stage of its production. Orders also provide the basis for the optional modules including: Purchase Ordering, Job Costing and Stock Control.


The basic workflow in Accura is as follows. All stages are optional except for raising orders:

  • Raising an estimate
  • Raising an order
  • Printing the job bag & works instructions
  • Sending an Acknowledgement letter to the client
  • Raising a proof for the order
  • Acting on the client’s response to your proof
  • Delivering the order to the client
  • Sending a sales invoice to your client
  • Exporting your sales invoice data to your accounts package

Raising Orders

Orders can be raised from estimates, from previous orders (e.g. reprint work) or manually. If an order is raised from a previous order or an estimate, then no re-keying of data is necessary. Orders have additional areas where you can enter works-specific instructions, delivery information and client reference numbers.

Manual orders use the same tables as estimates, so you can build up all the labour, materials and outwork required directly in the order and Accura will calculate the selling price. This is ideal for simple orders such as stock and stationary issues, repro or finishing only etc, where an estimate is overkill or is not required.

Several documents can be produced directly from the order: the job bag lists works instructions, printing information and outwork information. The work sheet lists every item of labour, materials and outwork on the job, and the order acknowledgement prints, faxes or emails a letter to send to the client accepting their order. T-card labels can be printed for use with manual scheduling boards.


Full proofing facilities generate proof notes from orders within a few mouse clicks, which can be printed, faxed or emailed to the customer along with a PDF or similar image file. Orders are placed ‘on hold’ until the proof has been accepted by the customer. The studio manager (who may not use Accura) can be emailed automatically by the system with the customers’ responses and instructions relating to each proof.

Completion and Delivery

Orders can be marked as completed, or delivery notes and parcel labels raised. Multiple deliveries can be handled for multiple addresses.

Sales Invoicing

Sales invoices are generated quickly and easily from orders and printed, faxed or emailed. An invoice can consist of one or more jobs, and sundry information. Itemised invoices can be produced listing every element of work carried out on the order. Additional chargeable costs can be recorded to the job as they happen, which pull through automatically to the sales invoice, avoiding missing those vital extras Invoice data can be exported to a range of accounting packages including Sage Line 50, Pegasus Opera, Access, MYOB, HSBC Factoring, Intuit QuickBooks and Softline Pastel.

Powerful Histories

Histories of orders, deliveries, proof and invoices are maintained in quick and easy to navigate lists, offering full searching and filtering facilities. Orders are colour coded to show which stage in the workflow they are at: Active, Completed, Invoiced etc. In a few mouse clicks, history lists can be exported or emailed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, PDF or CSV format. Histories of sales invoices, proofs, additional costs, job costing data and purchase orders can be viewed directly from each order


The built-in production reports help to keep track of active orders, pending proofs and invoices, required materials, press job allocations, delivery response times, sales turnovers and much more. Sales and order histories can be broken down by client, type of work or sales rep to calculate rep commission figures or perform detailed analysis of orders.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Processing:

"Order Processing" is part of the Accura Core Module line of products, developed by Data Design Services (DDS).