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Time and Material, Cost Plus, Fixed Fee, Progressive, T&M Not-to-Exceed, Flat Rate, Change Orders. There are many ways to invoice customers and most companies employ several if not all these methods on a daily basis. Worse yet, they find that they need to mix and match methods in a single invoice format. For example, a job starts off as a fixed fee contract but then adds a time and material change order.

Sam Pro’s Unified Billing module allows a single job to be billed in any combination of invoicing methods. The invoice layouts are user defined and assigned at the job level, allowing unique layouts for specific job/customer requirements. Service work orders can be billed along with construction invoices using one unified module. Pre-billing worksheets can be automatically distributed to Managers via ReportAnywhere.


  • Integrated Financial and Business Performance Data
    • Unified Service and Construction Invoicing
    • Enhanced forecasting capabilities
  • Allows multiple invoice formats per job
    • Fixed Fee
      • Cost Plus Invoice
      • Square Foot Invoice
      • % of Construction Complete
    • Time & Material
    • Time & Material Not-to-Exceed
  • Bill jobs to the:
    • Customer
    • Manufacturer (warranty work)
    • Contractor or other third party
  • Handles Commercial, Industrial and Residential
  • Document management/invoice archiving
  • PM Contract Billing
  • Record charges
    • Directly to the work order
    • To the centralized labor and material journals
    • Via the Remote Tech Applet
    • Via the Remote Time Applet
  • Unlimited pricing rates for labor, material and other charges stored at job level
  • Default costing and pricing may be adjusted on an item-by-item basis
  • Supports Flat Rate Pricing
  • Custom-tailored formatting controls level of detail and information on Invoice
  • Supports Sub-Contracting Charges
  • Rules-Based Management
    • Automatically alert service manager if completed work orders fail to be invoiced promptly
    • Escalation and notification of unbilled cost

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