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ReportAnywhere is a key component in the Rules Based Management design philosophy. It enables information to be automatically ‘pushed’ to Clients, Employees or Vendors based on pre-defined schedules and rules. By designing reports that extract and automatically deliver just the ‘exceptional’ data, management efficiencies and increases in customer satisfaction can be realized. Delivery mechanisms include email, fax and printed copy.


  • Schedule reports to execute anytime (24/7)
  • Distribute reports to anyone, anywhere (24/7)
  • Supports document management/archiving
  • Generate/view reports in a variety of formats
    • Standard HTML (Internet Explorer)
    • PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
    • DBReport (Data-Basics Report Viewer)
    • Text (Notepad/Word Processing)
    • CSV (Excel, Spreadsheet Software)
  • Design Reports that Alert You to Problems
    • Schedule these ‘exception reports’ for automatic distribution - via
      • E-mail
      • Fax
      • Printer
  • Works with Escalation Manager
  • Rules-Based Management
    • Enables management by exception
  • Increased Return on Investment
    • Reports ‘run themselves’ with no user intervention
    • Timely sales information prevents lost revenues
  • Strategic Enterprise Positioning
    • Proactive reporting ensures ‘fresh’ information
    • Anticipate opportunities instead of responding to crises

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"ReportAnywhere" is part of the SAM Pro Enterprise line of products, developed by Data-Basics.

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