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Purchase Orders automates and streamlines all purchasing procedures, enabling efficient control of material and subcontractor expenses. The Purchase Order module provides real-time information on what has been ordered, when it should be received, and what it costs. This module provides a quick ROI for field service and construction firms, as well as facilities, HVAC, electrical and other specialty contracting firms.

Used in conjunction with Data-Basics Service Provider/Subcontractor E-ware, a Purchase Order is automatically generated when a Work Order is created for a service provider/subcontractor.


  • Automatically Generate PO’s Based On Stock Parameters
  • Fully Integrated with Field Service
    • Automatic PO creation when work order is generated for service providers
    • Generate PO for work order materials from Dispatch Board
  • Subcontractor Control:
    • Paid-When-Paid
    • Block Payments if Required Insurance is Expired
  • Realtime Information Displayed in Vendor Record:
    • Last Time Bought - lists most recent items, prices of items bought from this vendor
    • Purchases Summary - rolling three year summary of items, quantities purchases
  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • Line-by-Line Committed Cost Detail on Job Cost Reports
  • Proactive Reorder Advice Management
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    • Streamlined Data Entry
    • Automatic Inventory Updating
    • Instant Vendor Part Cross-referencing
    • Error Checking Prevents Illegal Status Changes
    • User-definable Purchase Order Comments
    • Detailed Freight and Shipping Instructions
  • Multi-national Currency Support
    • PO’s for Foreign Vendors Generated in their Currency
    • General Ledger Maintained in Corporate Currency

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