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Sam Pro’s Payroll module is designed to meet the very unique requirements of the specialty contractor. Within the same pay period, multiple pay rates, states, and union fringes may be handled in order to efficiently process a payroll cycle. Raises can be scheduled in advance and can take effect in the middle of a pay cycle. The module not only tracks the direct cost of labor, but it calculates all of the employer taxes, union benefits, fringe benefits, and allocation of other overhead, such as G & A expenses, uniforms, truck usage and communication devices. Time card entry allows unlimited job, cost code, and cost category distribution.

A virtually unlimited number and variety of individual payroll requirements are available. Garnishments, 401Ks, cafeteria plans, and employee purchases are some examples. The structure of these deductions or add-ons is user-defined for maximum flexibility. The tax effects for each variable are also user-defined. Reporting provides a detailed history of all transactions.

The entire payroll process is handled efficiently, and includes quarterly tax reports, certified reports, union reports, and EEOC reports - which are automatically generated via ReportAnywhere.


  • Streamlined Payroll Processing
    • Remote Time Entry via internet connected application
    • ACH/Direct Deposit
    • Accumulates PTO
  • Enterprise-wide Solution
    • Supports
      • Hourly
      • Salary
      • Commission
      • Union
      • Non-union
  • Payroll Tax Reciprocity
    • Supports reciprocity with state, local and other taxes
    • Handles residual tax
    • Sensitive to field/office hours
    • State, local and other taxing authority rates automatically default
  • Distribute each employee’s timecard to a virtually unlimited number of jobs and categories
  • Information is verified as it is entered, and the system checks that all required fields have been completed
  • Defaulting fields reduce data-entry time
  • Taxes, deductions, and fringes automatically calculated
  • Generates the quarterly and annual reports that meet federal, state and local requirements
  • Generates W-2’s for all employees, including those who work in more than one state or location
  • Efficiently handles recurring and one-time deductions (401(k), cafeteria plan, etc. )
  • Deductions may be defined as a percent of wages, amount per hour, or a fixed amount
  • Automatically computes payroll and prints the paychecks for Union and Non-Union
  • Pay stubs show the breakdown of hours and deductions, and display all employee benefits
  • Supports Workers’ Compensation reporting
  • Accommodates multiple pay cycles
  • Certified Payroll
  • Payroll check reconciliation

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