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Rules-Based Management Technology - Operating in step with SAM Pro Enterprise, Data-Basics’ signature Rules-Based Management (RBM) technology increases business efficiency by handling regular software situations on its own and raising flags as problems start to crop up. Using this technology, a company’s core ‘rules’ are established up front and are strategically reinforced throughout the organization.

Escalation Manager - One key component, SAM Pro’s Escalation Manager, automates much of the service workflow process, using pre-defined ‘escalation profiles’ that enable the system to automatically e-mail, fax or page the parts manager if, for example, a work order is waiting on specific parts. This automated functionality removes human intervention from routine processes, which helps customers generate a quick ROI for any business’s service department. It also enables personnel to spend less time ‘babysitting’ work orders and more time on critical up-selling or cross-selling opportunities. Click Escalation Manager for more details.

ReportAnywhere - Another key component, SAM Pro’s ReportAnywhere, delivers critical information, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Detailed reports can be generated at any time, 24X7, and delivered at pre-determined intervals. This enables businesses to prevent revenue loss via timely sales information, and anticipate sales opportunities, instead of responding to crises. Click ReportAnywhere for more details.

The value of Rules-Based Management has been recognized by clients, consultants, and leading research firms. Aberdeen Group, a leading IT market analysis and positioning services firm, and the Association for Services Management (AFSM) International, the worldwide association for professionals in the high-technology services and support-s-business-industry, recently honored Data-Basics among the top ten entries documented in a new Aberdeen Group study. Click What Works: Ten Significant Implementations in Services Management to view the results of this important study.

Rules Based Management Technology provides a vital resource for field service, facilities management and construction firms, as well as HVAC, electrical and other specialty contracting firms.

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