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SAM Pro Enterprise

A full ERP system designed by Data‑Basics.
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“Whether 10 customers or thousands, SAM Pro Enterprise offers businesses customizable components and the flexibility to grow.” - Art Divell, CEO and co-founder, Data-Basics Inc.

SAM Pro Enterprise, Data-Basics’ flagship software suite, provides a comprehensive job costing, service management, mobile workforce, and back office accounting platform. The software components function seamlessly, enabling customers to proactively manage daily operations, automatically schedule and execute critical reporting and notification agendas, and communicate securely via the Web with technicians, customers, subcontractors and other suppliers. Essentially, customers have the ability to account for and respond to all service-related activities in real time.

End-to-End Integration - SAM Pro Enterprise features an object-oriented design and runs on Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database platforms. End-to-end integration extends from its Windows back office suite to its Internet-enabled and wireless applications.

Operating in step with Data-Basics’ signature Rules-Based Management tool, SAM Pro Enterprise increases business efficiency by handling regular software situations on its own and raising flags as problems start to crop up. Using this technology, a company’s core ‘rules’ are established up front and are strategically reinforced throughout the organization.

One key component, SAM Pro’s Escalation Manager, automates much of the service workflow process, using pre-defined ‘escalation profiles’ that enable the system to automatically e-mail, fax or page the parts manager if, for example, a work order is waiting on specific parts.

This automated functionality removes human intervention from routine processes, which helps customers generate a quick ROI for any business’s service department. It also enables personnel to spend less time ‘babysitting’ work orders and more time on critical up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.

Critical Information Delivery - Another key component, SAM Pro’s ReportAnywhere, delivers critical information, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Detailed reports can be generated at any time, 24X7, and delivered at pre-determined intervals. This enables businesses to prevent revenue loss via timely sales information, and anticipate sales opportunities, instead of responding to crises.

Meanwhile, SAM Pro’s back office software components handle every aspect of service management, from dispatching and scheduling to call center operations and project management functions. Accounting capabilities, from payroll and general ledger to accounts payable and job costing, are also included in this industrial-strength services management suite.

Key Benefits - SAM Pro Enterprise provides customers with significant benefits, including:

  • A consistent look and feel, which reduces the software learning curve.
  • A consolidated system for updates, incorporating open, object-oriented technology.
  • Data entered once - via Windows back office modules, Web/Wireless applications, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems- is immediately available, and yet secured via specialized encryption capabilities.
  • Automated functionality and workflow efficiency generate a rapid ROI.

Because of its effectiveness and versatility, SAM Pro has earned industry accolades. Aberdeen Group, a Boston-based market research firm, and the Association for Services Management (AFSM) International selected Data-Basic’s SAM Pro Enterprise as one the top ten solutions in it’s ‘What Works’ review of services management solutions.

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