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A developer of management software designed for mid-market businesses.

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Data-Basics Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-based enterprise software solutions for the service and facilities management industry. Offering a fully integrated system, Data-Basics helps companies plan and track daily activities in real-time while managing corporate data in a customized, secure environment.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Data-Basics was founded by CEO Arthur Divell and partners in 1974. The company was built on a philosophy of providing best-of-breed tools for customers. This was demonstrated in the mid-1990s when Data-Basics switched from an outdated DOS platform to the more powerful Windows operating system. Opting to rewrite its services management software suite in a more powerful and object-oriented programming language, Data-Basics forged ahead to provide a new level of sophistication for its customers.

SAM Pro Enterprise, Data-Basics’ flagship product Basics employs its signature Rules-Based Management (RBM) technology to accomplish many critical day-to-day functions. RBM is software technology that provides improved operational efficiencies by functioning on the premise of management by exception the software handles routine situations and only alerts appropriate personnel to early-stage problems.

Data-Basics has gained continued success with its powerful and customizable software suite as well as its exceptional, ongoing customer support. In 2002, the Aberdeen Group and the Association for Services Management Integration selected Data-Basics and its client, Engineering Excellence, as an example of “What Works: Ten Significant Implementations in Service Management.”

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