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In 1998, DAS Software Inc., the creator of SQUASH POS, started developing a Point of Sale system for consignment textbook operations at Canadian universities. Our system was unique for its day because it was entirely web-based (but used the high-speed of local area network). The fact that it was internet-based was important on campuses because they had to be platform-independent, they required multiple location capabilities, they had to be able to expand and contract their operations throughout the year to meet demand, and it had to be simple to use in a high-turnover staffing environment. The reasons that made the system valuable for our first few clients then are the same reasons that the system is becoming popular with general retailers now.

The internet is now one of our society’s most reliable pieces of infrastructure, often more stable than even the electricity power-grid. As well, it is now fast enough to handle mission-critical data transfer in real-time. The time is right for many people and businesses to rely on the internet as they would rely on the roadways or the telephone to achieve their business and personal goals. We are proud of the role we have played in the development of the internet as a useful tool for our customers over time.

Today, with SQUASH POS, a smaller-scale retail enterprise can have all of the large-scale benefits that were simply too expensive or too IT-intense to justify in the past. Complete multi-location reporting suite crafted over the years allows you to consolidate your data and get access to it remotely from any computer. Expanded touch-ready cash register functions allow for unlimited departments or categories and product items, bar-code scanning and item matrix cross-referencing.

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  • Standard POS

    A software system designed by DAS Software for retail trade companies.

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