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The TimeClock/400 system captures employee hours worked via a wide variety of devices including AS/400 terminals, badge and fingerprint readers, access control panels and more. As the data is accumulated, supervisors can review and make any necessary changes. At the end of the pay period regular and overtime hours are computed based on user defined overtime criteria and the data is summarized and prepared for transmission to Payroll. All time clock data is subject to stringent security access and a detailed audit trail can be produced outlining the supervisory additions/changes/deletions. This system is fully integrated with the DAPREX ACTFast module to provide a comprehensive Time & Attendance system. A direct interface with the DAPREX Payroll system assures a seamless flow of data from point of entry to paycheck. Interfaces to third party payroll systems are also available.


  • Drastically reduces payroll preparation time
  • Handles multiple corporations, locations, and departments
  • Job tracking
  • Multiple time zones for remote sites
  • Optional batch entry for off-site employees
  • Employee scheduling
  • Comprehensive historical data
  • Security based supervisory access and audit trail


  • Clock In/Out via terminals or external devices
  • Ability to display current pay period transactions to employees at clock in/out time
  • User-defined overtime policies and computation
  • Standard and override employee schedules
  • User-defined rounding and blackout periods to prevent early/late punches
  • Missed punches notification
  • Supervisor review of transactions
  • Security controlled
  • Add, change, delete capability
  • Detail and summary hours data
  • Department override
  • Comment entry
  • Summarization of pay period data
  • Automatic regular, and overtime computation
  • Preparation of payroll data file


  • Employee master lists by location and department
  • Detail and summary reports and inquiries by pay period
  • Employees without hours listing
  • Schedule variance reporting

Other Applications

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"Time Clock" is part of the AS/400 and iSeries Financial Applications line of products, developed by DAPREX.